WiFi ESP8266 (ESP-12F) Relay Module 8CH (5V/7-28V ) (Code57823)


WiFi ESP8266 (ESP-12F) Relay Module 8CH (5V/7-28V ) (Code57823)


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ESP8266 WIFI 8 Channel Relay Module ESP-12F Development Board Power Supply 5V/7-28V Wireless WIFI Module
The ESP8266 eight-way relay development board is equipped with ESP-12F WiFi module and supports DC7-28V/5V power supply. Provide Arduino development environment reference code, suitable for ESP8266 secondary development learning, smart home wireless control and other occasions.
1. On-board mature and stable ESP-12F WiFi module, large capacity 4M Byte Flash;
2. The power supply mode supports DC7-28V/5V;
3. The onboard WiFi module RST reset button;
4. ESP-12F supports the use of Eclipse/Arduino IDE and other development tools, and provides reference programs under the Arduino development environment;
5. There are 8 5V relays on board, outputting switch signals, suitable for controlling loads whose working voltage is within AC 250V/DC30V;
6. Onboard power indicator and relay indicator.
Package Included:
1 x ESP8266 WIFI 8 Channel Relay Module

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