3 Way Soil Meter (Code58656)


3 Way Soil Meter (Code58656)


متوفر في المخزون

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The 3 way soil meter is simple to use and gives you clear readings on the soil pH, moisture and light levels of your vegetable plot. Quickly and easily determine if your soil conditions are too acidic or alkaline, to dry or wet and if it receving enough light and then you can alter the soil conditions accordingly or decide which plants are best suited to the conditions.
The 3 way soil meter has 17cm probes which easily push into the soil and the solid plastic casing makes this a durable and invaluable addition to your garden tool collection.
  • Three way meter: moisture/light/pH.
  • The soil pH meter tests the acidity of soil and enables you to alter soil conditions.
  • Moist readings range: 0 Dry to 10 Wet.
  • Light readings range: 0 Dark to 2000 Light.
  • PH readings range: 8 Alkaline to 3.5 Acidic.
  • Probe length: 17cm.


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