AC Digital Panel + Overload Alarm (A ,V ,Power & Energy) (Code58668)


AC Digital Panel + Overload Alarm (A ,V ,Power & Energy) (Code58668)


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AC 80-260V 100A LCD Display Digital Panel (Current , Voltage , Power & Energy) Meter.

This meter can only be used with one-phase AC power. And it can only measure the active power (real power consumed from your load). It doesn’t show apparent power (For more information about the difference, please search AC POWER on wikipedia).

  • The meter can only measure the active power (real power) , It doesn’t show apparent power.
  • Overload alarm thereshold preset function (can set power alarm thershold)
  • Voltage test range: One-Phase 80~260V AC Power, 50/60HZ; Current test range: 0~100A;
  • Store energy data when power off (can be reset).
  • Large-screen LCD (display voltage, current, active power, energy at the same time).
  • The blue backlight can be turned on/off manually. The CT can be either on Live line or Neutral Line.

Main Specifications: 

  • Working voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC
  • Working frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rated power: 100A/22KW
  • Measuring:Accuracy: 1%
  • Power Consumption: 0.2W
  • Measurement speed: 2 times/s
  • Store data when power off
  • The blue backlight can be turned on/off manually

Test range and display format: 

  1. Power: test range: 0~22kW 
    • < 1kW, display: 0.0~999.9W
    • 1kW~10kW, display: 1000~9999W
    • > 10kW, display: 0.1~22.0kW
  2. Energy: test range: 0~9999kWh 
    • <10KWh, display: 0~9999Wh
    • >10kWh, display: 10~9999kWh
  3. Voltage: test range: 80~260V(single-phase) 
    • Display: 80~260V
  4. Current: test range: 0~100A 
    • Display: 0.00~99.99A


  1. Please make sure the AC input is Pure Sine Wave.(Municipal electric power is pure sine wave). Please don’t use the meter to measure AC power converterd from a DC-AC inverter UNLESS you can make sure the output from your DC-AC inverter is Pure Sine Wave. This is very importatnt.
  2.  Applied load should not exceed the rated power.
  3. Wiring order can not be wrong.
  4. This module is suitable for indoor, please do not use outdoor.


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