Adjustable Step-up Module 100W (Code57964)

Adjustable Step-up Module 100W (Code57964)

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DC-DC High Power Adjustable Step-up Module 3.0~35V to 3.5~35V 100W with Digital Display Voltmeter (FP5139 )
Boost voltage to a stable regulated output. Useful for a wide range of applications, such as powering 5V USB devices from a 3.7V lithium cell, powering higher powered electronics from a 12V battery, and a wide range of automotive and electronic projects. Constant voltage regulation, suitable for LED strips and modules, but not for raw LEDs.
Input: 3-35V DC 9A, Output: 3.5-35V DC 6A, Max Power: 100W when input and output both exceed 20V, otherwise 65W.
Conversion Efficiency: Up to 96%. Low input voltage or a large difference between input and output voltage will degrade the current capacity and efficiency.
Dimensions: 68x42x14mm, FP5139 IC with External MOSFET, 180KHz Switching Frequency
Output voltage must be greater than input voltage, do not apply reverse polarity voltage, voltmeter works only when input is >= 4V.


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