Nokia 5110 LCD Module (Code50927)


Nokia 5110 LCD Module (Code50927)


Nokia 5110 LCD Display Module (84×84)

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  • 84×48 dot matrix LCD can display 4 lines of Chinese characters,
  • Use a serial interface with the host processor communication interface signal lines significantly reduce the number of signal lines, including power and ground just eight. Support a variety of serial communication protocols (such as AVR MCU SPI the MCS51 serial mode 0), the transmission rate of up to 4Mbps, can be written to the display data at full speed, no waiting time.
  • By conductive adhesive connection module with the printed version, instead of connecting cable with a metal hook on the module, the module can be fixed to the printed circuit board, which makes it very easy installation and replacement.
  • LCD controller / driver chip has been bound to the LCD chip modules are small.
  • The use of low-voltage power supply, display properly when the operating current is less than 200μA, and has a power-down mode.
  • Nokia5110 LCD screen of Nokia phones used disassemble site disposal of liquid crystal are selected color, and quality are very good.
  • Bottom site design, the four corners of positioning holes, the bottom two rows of terminal port is arranged as follows:
  • RST – Reset
  • CE – Chip Select
  • DC – data / instruction selection
  • DIN – serial data line
  • CLK – Serial Clock Line
  • VCC – power input (3.3v and 5v can, after experimental verification, no problem)
  • BL – backlight control
  • GND – ground 


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