Mini Laser Module Dots (Code51085)


Mini Laser Module Dots (Code51085)


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The laser head is composed of a light-emitting tube, condenser lens and adjustable copper sleeve and it is assembled when delivered, the focal length of the lens is adjusted glued by strong glue stick, which can work directly after connecting to a 5V DC power supply. Pay attention to the laser cell to prevent from being burnt or battery explosion due to a short circuit when removing the battery.

The principle of laser emission and the specificity of generation process determines the characteristics of laser which common light do not have: nice monochromaticity, coherence and directionality and high brightness.

It is mainly used in laser toys, all kinds of level meters, laser projector, etc. For example:

  • Electronic pointer: the teacher can use laser pointer to indicate during teaching.
  • Electronic level meter: the motor drives head for rotation, a straight line is projected on the wall for horizontal reference during decorating or posting pictures.
  • Micro LCD projector: Remove the condenser so that the laser can produce a clear projection on the wall through the controllable LCD screen.
  • Remote laser monitor: point the laser on the glass of room to be monitored, receive the laser beam reflected back by the glass, and then detect the vibration of the glass to figure out sound in the room.
  • Remote light-control anti-theft alarm: install laser diode and photosensitive resistance on one edge of the fish pond or watermelon patch to be protected and reflectors on the other three edges to form a protective zone.
  • Remote laser wireless communication: place a pair of laser transceivers in two distant roofs facing each other respectively, you can send and receive files and even connect to network with the use of serial communication protocol of the microcontroller.


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